[LFGM] Looking for GM for One-Shot | Timezone: EST | play via Discord | DND 5E

I have a friend group containing myself, a few semi-experienced players and a few newbies. We are planning to play via Discord (we are spread out throughout the state and have families, etc.) I’m leading the search for a GM/DM that can at least do a one-shot for us, and if the group + dm vibe works out continue playing through a more in-depth campaign if everyone is interested.

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Hey there!

My name is DeAngelo and I am a pro GM. I would love to help run this one shot for you guys! Here is a link to more information about myself: https://emeraldtemplars.my.canva.site/dmmk

What day/time are you guys looking for? Also what vibe did you all prefer for the one shot?

Have a great weekend!

Hey how is it going i can run a dnd game or 2. On Saturday or Sunday. If you let me know what’s time is good and i will see if i can work on it

hi thanks for the reply, sorry I didnt reply sooner, but heres a link to our discord, we can discuss the campaign and such there.