[LFP] Candela Obscura - interest check

Tentative interest check, tentative only because I don’t run a lot of games online with folks I don’t know, but I’d really like to try out the system with a group of people familiar with it and excited about the setting.

Totally obsessed with the show/setting, comfortable with the system but this would be my first time running it. I’d really like to try a session 0 and one-shot with 3-5 people, with the possibility of continuing on if the group is good. Preferably online with video for those who are comfortable, only because it is VERY much that kind of game.

About me: Longtime GM, mostly D&D with some other systems here and there, but I read TTRPG books to relax and I’m really itching to try out some different systems. I’m queer with an anti-oppressive background so–I assume this goes without saying in this community–LGBTQ folks or allies only at my table! I’m EST so sessions will likely be my weekday evenings with the possibility of the occasional weekend during the day.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, maybe a character concept you want to try, and what kinds of stories you want to explore in Newfaire! If you’ve read this far… thanks!

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I have been searching for a Candela gaine Since the partnership w/ Nexus was announced, but I’ve had no luck. I’m a relatively new Critter & a huge fan of Obscura from the beginning.

I’ve got 2 characters I’ve been waiting to play since I started here - a Face/Journalist and a Slink/Criminal. Both strong female characters, in VERY different ways.

As for myself. I am an older, pansexual woman of color (married to a man). I am not opposed to video, though I look nothing like either character & could prove to be a liability to immersion. Having said that I was a theatre kid and can certainly deliver RP regardless of appearances.

I am also on EST and would prefer evenings as well. I’m hoping for continuing assignments, but will take what I can get. LOL

Please keep me in mind should you get enough players. I look forward to hearing from you.