LFP Daggerheart PST Game

Looking for Players Daggerheart Beta - going to play every other Friday evening from 7pm-10pm PST starting next Friday, March 22.

I have 2 players already. Looking for one to two more players.This game would be 2-3 sessions, including session zero.

Hi! If you’re still looking, I’d love to join.

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Yes! Absolutely! We’d love to have you.

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That’s great! Do you play on discord? I should say in advance, I’m a bit new to a virtual table. but eager to try it (and DH!) out.

Hey, I replied through email, not sure if you got it, but you can reach out to me on Discord at Corvuska004.
Please let me know once you have. Or if you need my email

if you’re still down for another player i’m down to join

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We are full up right now but if someone drops ill contact you!