LFP for a Monday 7PM (MST) Campaign of mostly Newbies

I am a brand new GM, but a 20 year DM, who has recently made the transition over to PF2E and am loving it. I have decided to start a new game and am looking for a few more players to join us. Right now I have a party of two new-to-pathfinder players who are well familiar with other systems.

This game is going to start with the Beginners Box, and then leap right into Abomination Vaults, all through Foundry VTT and Demiplane voice/video. There is no pay to play, you only need to bring your imagination.

Due to schedule constraints our only time to play is Monday nights after 7pm (MST), but will probably play for at least four hours a session, if not more.

If all of this sounds good to you, than please drop me a line and lets see if we cant create a world together?

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Hi, it sounds interesting to me and kind of nice to maybe have a game with a DM an hour behind me! I have a little bit of experience with Pf2 on Roll20, but campaigns fell apart due to sudden changes in DMs lives. I have a bit more with 5e, mostly homebrews. Not sure what else you’d like to know about me, but just ask and I’ll answer.


Err and I just noticed how old this is. If its no longer a plan you have, could you let me know that too?