LFP, Need 1 player for existing PF2 Outlaws of Alkenstar game

Looking for 1 more player to add to an existing online PF2 group. We are currently running Outlaws of Alkenstar and just recently started the 2nd book. We have 4 player plus myself as DM, with a plethora of gaming experience. All of us came over from D&D 5e, but a few have PF1 experience as well. I am an old-head DM and player, who has been at this for 40 years, so I have seen a few things over the years. We are a mostly 30+ group and no drama, with 2 Canadians to boot! We play every week, Tuesday nights, 7pm EST to 11pm. We use Zoom for video/voice and I also use Pathbuilder, Demiplane (soon), Owlbear Rodeo2, and Quip. Feel free to message me for more info!


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count me in you can contact me on discord or Instagram • Discord | #general | john1fgv’s server
or monelo (@instamonelo) • Instagram photos and videos

If this isn’t filled yet or if a new spot opens up, I’d like to join. I have played PF1 and run D&D, but am new to PF2. I use Owlbear Rodeo regularly, I have Player Core 1 here on Demiplane, and I can use Pathbuilder. Zoom is fine if a free account will work, but I haven’t used Quip.

Hey Keovar,

We just added 1 new player a couple weeks back, but I will see how the group plays together and see if another player is justified in being added to the group.

thanks for responding.

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