[LFP][Online][Eberron Campaign][Paid][730PM CST][Thursday Nights]

Greetings friends,

I am Brad, a professional GM, and I am starting up a new Eberron campaign to introduce new players to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the campaign setting known as Eberron. Currently I have 5 seats open to begin once they’re filled. We can still start with least 3 players if need be.

If you’re interested, please click the link below:

THE FORGOTTEN FORGE: An Introduction to Eberron Adventure!

About the Adventure:

Your journey commences amidst the towering heights of the City of Towers, where violence erupts with the discovery of a corpse. A steel golem assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a scion of House Cannith to propel adventurers into the depths of Sharn, delving into ancient ruins predating the Kingdom of Galifar. Discover a lost schema which is part of the key to crafting magic items. However, you’ll learn that many different agencies are also interested in this relic, including those loyal to the various House Cannith elders and agents of the infamous Lord of Blades.


“Brad excels at balancing multiple levels of player experience with both settings and rule sets. He give evocative descriptions of environments and settings, crafts and depicts memorable characters, and deftly adjusts to the chaos that players bring to the table. Each player gets a chance to let their character shine under his watch, and disparate groups of strangers bond quickly and easily under his guidance. As someone who has been playing TTRPGs since the late 80s, it’s very refreshing to see his implementation of safety tools before actual play even kicks off to ensure that everyone taking part in the game understands and agrees on the boundaries set to allow us all to maximize our fun. The only reason I wouldn’t fill an empty seat at his table any time I was afforded the opportunity would be to allow others a chance at a top shelf gaming experience they might otherwise miss out on.”

“As a GM, Brad is highly skilled in juggling the wants and needs of players at the table while bringing everybody closer together through the shared experience that is tabletop gaming. His ability to craft engaging stories that weave in character backstories is something that not everyone has while he excels. I’m entirely grateful and honored to be a part of his table and would encourage anyone looking for a fun and exciting tabletop game to seek him out.”

"Brad was my DM when I was new player. His style has greatly influenced my DM style today. He is a big proponent of player agency and creativity; making sure the characters are the story and not just pawns in the DM’s story. He has a mind for flying at the seat of his pants improvisation when us players go rogue. Very much recommended. "