[LFP] [Paid] The Forgotten Sanctuary | Daggerheart | Level 3 Oneshot | $15 on Startplaying.games

Link to Game: Play Indie TTRPG Online | The Forgotten Sanctuary | Daggerheart Playtest | Level 3 Oneshot

Dive headfirst into the zany and spellbinding world of Critical Role’s Daggerheart with The Forgotten Sanctuary Oneshot!

An old legend speaks of a hidden sanctuary within the Sablewood, once a haven for one of the Forgotten Gods. Recent signs and omens suggest that the sanctuary’s powers are reawakening, and various factions are interested in controlling it.

Players must navigate the competing interests of these factions, ancient traps, and guardians left to protect the sanctuary. Their choices could lead to the restoration of the sanctuary as a force of good or its exploitation for darker purposes.

Perfect for players who want a little bit more after playing the Sablewood Messanger’s Playtest. As we will be playing Level 3 Characters.

We’ll be using Discord for voice and Demiplane for character sheets.

Before coming to the session please create your character at level 3 using Demiplane. After joining the Discord please ping me and share your character sheet with me.

We just need 2 more players for tomorrows session!