[LFP][PAID][Tuesday 6:30 pm EST - DnD5e -Rise of the Drow][FoundryVTT]

Rise of the Drow

Is this a pay-to-play game

Yes, a fee of $20 per player per session will be paid to the DM. All payments are made post session




Decent internet/mic, DDB for character creation

Time and Date:

Tuesday 6:30 pm Eastern standard time

Character Level and Stats

Level 3

Standard Array or point buy. All PHB races and setting specific races are approved, All Sub-class options from any WoTC official material is permitted.

Session run time.

3-4 hours

Number of Openings:

2 seat available

Message on discord mysticvhedd if you’re interested


Winter Solstice has come to Rybalka. The town—a frontier melting pot of the Vikmordere and Klavek peoples—prepares to ward the coming darkness of winter’s longest night with the Vigil of Light. A palpable sense of dread permeates the droves of people who have come to take part in the ceremony. The air crackles with the sound of fire: the spiritual voice of warriors long dead telling the living stories of their past glories, or so the tradition of the Vikmordere people claims. The soft glow of a thousand candles have been lit to combat the creeping darkness, and in their glow a hymn begins to drift across the town, but darkness always follows the light…

A mile below the surface of Aventyr, darkness stirs. From inside the husk of a colossal arachnid, a plot is spun. Along its strands, hungry mouths break the uneasy truce between the dwarves of Embla and the drow of Holoth. Death stalks the underworld, feasting on the souls of the living and the recently dead. Suffering has become the currency used to purchase unimaginable power. Hungry eyes turn to the surface as their long-awaited result seems to be on the brink of fruition. The price, however, has hatched a multitude of discontents. The question is, who will have the fortitude to brave the underworld; who will have guile to deal with the discontent? The darkness consumes, but the flames of Rybalka willing, the light will follow—assuming you can bear its torch!

Tomb of Annihilation- Mondays 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/7 open seats

Rise of the Drow Tuesdays 7pm EST (Running Campaign) 2/6 open seats

SpellJammer Tuesdays 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/7 open seats

Rime of the Frost Maiden- Thursday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats

Curse of Strahd- Thursday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats

**Cyberpunk **- Friday 8:30pm (Running Campaign)

1/7 open seats

Rime of the Frost Maiden-Sunday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats