[LFP][Paid][VtM5] Kingston: Divided Night - Shadows of the Masquerade

Looking for 2 more players! [Play Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Online | Kingston: Divided Night - Shadows of the Masquerade (Camarilla)]

Welcome to the intricate world of Kindred politics in Kingston, Ontario. As a member of the Camarilla, you will navigate the city’s dark underbelly, balancing power and loyalty in a never-ending dance of intrigue and manipulation. Engage in clandestine dealings, broker uneasy alliances, and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the city’s picturesque surface. The Camarilla stands for order, stability, and the Masquerade; uphold these values, and you may rise through the ranks, claiming your rightful place among the city’s elite. Beware, though, for in this delicate web of power, one wrong move could lead to your downfall.

A game run concurrently with “Kingston: Divided Night - Chains of the Night (Anarch)”. The events of each game will affect the other. There will even be opportunities for cross-overs!