LFP Pathfinder 2e game in a Big World - Friday evening CST - Beginner Friendly!

Hi, all!

I have 3 players interested in playing in a portal fantasy Pathfinder 2e game set in a big world that I’ve been laboring over, and I wanted to see if anyone else would be interested. We’ll play on Friday evening from 6-9 CST every other week. The players have expressed a lot of interest in a game that features heavily on exploration and RP.

Pathfinder is a new system for me and for all the other players so far, so new players are very welcome to learn along with us. I’m going to set up a Discord soon, and then we’ll probably do a session 0 or two just to get a sense of the system before we start playing in late June or sometime in July.

If you’re interested, just fill out this interest form and I’ll get back to you! Or reply here if you have any questions for me!

Do you have a start date, I work every other Friday but would be interested if it falls on my off day?

Filled out the form before realising I needed to check timezones, won’t work for me unfortunately, but good luck in your game.

Also, bonus points for the ‘big damn heroes’!

Awww, that’s understandable. Can you let me know what name you put down on the form so I can know which person not to reach out to?

sorry, should have been clearer, filled it out but didn’t submit it, don’t worry

I signed up! My Discord handle was the one that started with Milly. To further clarify on my time-availability, 6 CST is usually not ideal but workable, 7-9 CST are perfect though since that’s when I’m most free.

I filled out the form. One caveat as I mentioned in the form is that I am on mobile and console devices and don’t have a pc, so I was wondering how accessible the game would be for me. I can do discord voice on console, and discord in general also functions on my tablet etc, but some programs/sites are either limited for me or not accessible. Just wondering what you will be using.
As far as scheduling, I do currently have an episodic pathfinder game I am involved in on fridays, but I could do every other friday if this turned out to be a compatible and friendly game and group for me. The episodic nature of the other game means that it should not be a problem, the players involved tend to shift from week to week. It just depends on how things work out here. Variety can be good, so I thought I would respond and at least give it a chance.

They just forced a change to unique usernames on Discord, not sure if legacy one will still work. The one listed in the form is probably invalid. Just FYI. I didn’t see any response to my query prior to that, so I am not sure what the status is. Wanted to give a heads-up about the discord change in case it matters. Thanks.

Hey there, i just filled out the form. The world sounds interesting and can’t wait to hear more about it :slight_smile:

Hey, Sorry to do this but I just learned that Friday is going to be a bad time for me due to my new work schedule. Can you go ahead and remove my application please?

I have decided to bow out as well. Sticking with my current Friday schedule. Thanks anyway.

Just submitted my form. That timeframe should work out well for me. Just curious if adjustments will be made after the revised books start coming out this fall? I’m good either way for the record.