[LFP] [Premium] Daggerheart Campaign | The Sablewood Chronicles with Free Session 0| Fridays

Dive headfirst into the zany and spellbinding world of Critical Role’s Daggerheart with the 4 Session Campaign starting with a session 0 and continuing from the Quickstart Adventure, Sablewood Messengers! It’s your golden ticket to learning the brand-spanking-new Daggerheart Ruleset while continuing the story past the quickstart adventure. The Sablewood Chronicles will be pursuing a quest from the Whitefire Arcanist to uncover what may be going on with some corruption in the Sablewood.

No need to read the whole manuscript! The Sablewood Chronicles is serving up a hearty slice of the Daggerheart pie with no previous know-how required. We’ll start with a session 0 to create characters and start with an adventure based on the starting playtest.
But for those who haven’t played. You’re more than welcome as we’ll be covering:

  • Explaining Character Sheets
  • How to use Demiplane
  • Learning Duality Dice
  • Using the No Initiative Combat System

We’ll be using Discord for voice and Demiplane for character sheets.

Cost per session is $15 with a free Session 0 Starting on Friday, May 3rd

Sign Up Link: Play Indie TTRPG Online | Daggerheart Campaign | Sablewood Chronicles | 4 Session Campaign with Free Session 0| Fridays

If you have any questions feel free to message me or join my discord to look at other games and start times!