LFP - The One Ring 2e - Monday nights EST - Late February

Hey there everyone,

While I’m waiting for the rest of the PF2e remaster content to roll out, I stumbled upon this awesome game from Free League! It’s everything a Tolkien fan could want!

I’m looking to see if anyone would be interested in trying out a short The One Ring 2e campaign to help me get comfortable with both the ruleset and the Fantasy Grounds Unity extension I found.

I’m still in the process of building up the extension with what I’ll need for the game and integrating some sound.

I’m looking at Monday Feb. 26th at 7 pm EST for our start date with a session 0 sometime before. The adventure will last four three-hour sessions.

I’ve already made the pre-gen character sheets for my four player-heroes so hopefully we’ll get to play with four people but two players will be sufficient.

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll give this a go!

I found my people through Discord.
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