LFP TWoD Twitch Streamed Sunday Game auditioning for 2 more

Game System: WoD
Group preferred: VC Mics Cosplay and streaming
Experience: Dedicated and serious
#Players Needed: 2/6
Availability and Timezone: 7pmest Sunday
Game style: Hello all! I’m trying out something rather experimental. I’m looking to play with some dedicated peeps who want to explore the world of darkness with me. Im still learning myself so im just getting feelers out. The game would be based around the concept of 6 players whose fates have been bound together. Each player would choose from one of the following skins.

DM me with what skin you’d choose and what about that skin interests you and different ideas you have for a character wearing this skin. you can give me your top three choices this way and i’ll offer you a spot based on the one i like best.

Mage The: Ascension put simply, is about mages, people with the power to reshape reality through force of will, who have Awakened to their potential. Such people believe so strongly in what they do that they literally change their world. Ideally, mages strive toward a lofty goal: Ascension. Problem is, they disagree about what Ascension means. Should it be personal transcendence or universal peace?

Vampire: The Masquerade is a game where you play characters who are vampires. They must subsist on the blood of the living. They have strange powers they can use to force their will on hapless humans. This is a game about playing a fascinating monster: an anti-hero, an addict, a parasite with a soul about to plunge into darkness or rise towards the light.