Library Sharing

I want to try and get my friends into the service so we start a game using Demiplane; but was wondering if they would have access to my Library (at this moment in time) if i was to invite them to my game?

They have said sharing will be possible at a later date.

Well, i know that sharing will be later, which i figured was for the character manager; but this is more asking if someone is in my demiplane group, can they see and read my library or do i only get to see it.

I figured the two things would be separate, but if they’re not, that’s no issue.

That’s a good question. If we’re sharing content with players, can we block certain content? If I’m running an AP, can I block them from reading it so nothing gets spoiled?

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Content sharing will apply to both the digital reader and character management, and we will release updates on content sharing as soon as we can!