Library Sharing

I want to try and get my friends into the service so we start a game using Demiplane; but was wondering if they would have access to my Library (at this moment in time) if i was to invite them to my game?

They have said sharing will be possible at a later date.

Well, i know that sharing will be later, which i figured was for the character manager; but this is more asking if someone is in my demiplane group, can they see and read my library or do i only get to see it.

I figured the two things would be separate, but if they’re not, that’s no issue.

That’s a good question. If we’re sharing content with players, can we block certain content? If I’m running an AP, can I block them from reading it so nothing gets spoiled?

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Content sharing will apply to both the digital reader and character management, and we will release updates on content sharing as soon as we can!


Grr… i just bought the three main books (again) specifically to allow my players to have access to the content. I would love to have known that feature wasn’t turned on yet before I did so i could have just bought PDFs instead.

Link Paizo account and you will get PDFS for free.
So if you don’t have a Paizo account create on it is free. In your account page there is a section called Paizo authorization that you can use to connect your account. You can enter into the sync accounts on your Demiplane account (main one not on fourms). That should tell Paizo that you have bought them here and they can give you a free pdf.

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Helpful. Thanks!