Library sync with Paizo account hasn't synced all of my Paizo digital library into this demiplane account

I recently picked up the fantastic humble bundle of pathfinder books which I have downloaded.

I checked on here to see if they had synched. Some adventures have synced across but not the rule books. Is this normal?

I’m quite interested to see how this portals development goes. If I can sync my Paizo digital content here and be able to share it amongst my groups I will be happy to drop for the account subscription.

Getting the PDF on paizo won’t give you the books on the pathfinder nexus. It’ll give you a pretty hefty discount off of getting the books though. I even picked up the humble bundle myself just to get the discount off of the books here.

If you’re not showing the discount off of all the books, then you may need to refresh the paizo sync. To do that, click on your avatar in the top right of the screen, then go to account settings, sync accounts, paizo connect and click on refresh account.

If you do pick up the membership here, then you can share the books you’ve bought with upto 24 other people.

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That’s odd. Because one of the things I remember in the description when I signed up was the syncing of Paizo and nexus libraries. I do not recall any qualifiers on that.

Moving goal posts during development I guess. Hmm, just like that is rapidly going to undermine the recent boost Paizo have had.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit disappointed. It’s a blocker on me spending a penny on this platform. I was going to drop for the subscription but this kind of thing puts me off.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to with this - anywhere we talk about Paizo Connect, we state that any PDFs you already own outside of Demiplane provide a discount, not that they unlock the NEXUS content for free. That’s not something we can’t even do per our license agreement with Paizo, so no moving goalposts here.The homepage provides the information on how it works:

CONNECT YOUR PAIZO ACCOUNT to unlock the PDF on for any book you purchase on Pathfinder NEXUS, or to get a discount on the Pathfinder NEXUS version for any PDFs you already own on!If that doesn’t work for you, that’s completely reasonable.

I’ll end by cross-posting something I shared in another thread:

That might not work for you and your group, and that’s completely reasonable. We know that in order to play and enjoy Pathfinder, you do not need to “rebuy” anything. If you already own the hardcover books, PDFs, VTT modules, or anything else, and that does the trick for you and your group, that’s great!

If you are looking for what we are going to provide once we fully launch here at Demiplane with Pathfinder NEXUS, then we have worked hard to make the cost as low as possible, and more importantly, we believe it will be worth that cost. You might not believe it is worth it right now pre-launch, and that makes sense - I invite you to check back in once we complete the development. I’ll also note that all game mechanics are FREE to access here on NEXUS in the Game Compendium, so you can also go that route.