Link to compendium/rules instead of source

A lot of the links direct to the original source of the information, even if it is readily available in the compendium or even on the same page. It would be great if by default the links directed to the compendium and not the books, especially so for content that is available for free when the book isn’t.

A prominent example is in class descriptions. Take the Oracle class as an example. The Divine Spellcasting section has a link to the (very important) “Table 2-3: Oracle Spells per Day”. This table is available in the class description, albeit for some reason awkwardly placed between Signature Spells and Skill Increases, but the link sends to the Advanced Player’s Guide, which requires logging in if you’re not and buying the APG if you don’t own it. Even if you have already done both, going to a different page in the book to look up something that is just a little bit lower feels like an unnecessary extra step.

Now that I think of it, a related request: can you please move the spells per day tables into each class’ spellcasting section? I assume the tables are located where they would have been printed in the book, but on a screen the location is just weirdly far from where it is relevant (and not labeled in the table of contents). This is likely easier to do than changing all the links, and will drastically reduce the need for the links in the first place, especially since each class currently has a different order of sections and tables, which doesn’t help


P.S. As I was writing this, I realized that the Psychic class has the exact perfect layout I was looking for. So I suppose my feedback is “Please make all the classes look like Psychic, it’s the best layout, thank you! Also please add the Spells per Day table to the table of contents alongside Heightened Spells and Cantrips”

We appreciate your feedback!

We have heard some other feedback liking how things are linked that contrast it, and feedback that prefers the tables you mentioned in the locations that are closer to what people are used to in the book, so we will continue to monitor during Early Access.

Once we have a larger sample size, if we see emerging preferences, we will make changes accordingly.


Thanks for the quick reply!

That is entirely fair, but I would like to specifically point out the lack of consistency across classes in terms of both link setup and table location.

The former I assume/suppose is stemming from your experimentation with different systems, and both are likely the result of different books having a different format, but if it is possible to converge to any consistent structure for the class descriptions, I think it would be immensely helpful for new players and DMs. Especially once the character creator is launched :slight_smile:

You are correct - sometimes this is due to inconsistencies in how the content is laid out in the books, but we are also using that to experiment during Early Access to see if those preferences emerge. The end goal will be consistency, but we would like to confirm the best approach to standardize. The character tools will certainly increase our sample size considerably and will help us get there.



Seems like a smart way to do it.