Linking characters to groups? pathfinder 2e

are my players able to link there characters to my group so their rolls will show up? because it seems i cannot see there rolls on there page in the group

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This isn’t implemented yet. They can roll within the Group Chat I believe but char sheet linking is still to come.

I really expected to be able to look up my players character sheets aswell… Actually we play Pen and Paper and I wanted to use it to keep the Character sheets simple and uniform. But it seems like it now makes things only more complicated.

A question I would like to ask on the topic of character sheets is if there is a way to print them? This would be a solution until I can look them up digitally as a GM.

We are working to add new features as quickly as we can, and the ability to export to PDF (which would be a convenient character sheet to print) is on our roadmap. We don’t have have an estimate for when that will be ready yet, but hope to have news to share soon. :slight_smile:

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