Living Discord Server! P2e

If you are unfamiliar with a living server, it is a collection of players and GM’s that co-write the world and story’s in it. You can RP your character 24 hours a day, with GM’s that will run games with a story at set times. I have run one back in DND 5e, but have grown fond of Pathfinder 2e and have decided to make a small server for it. We are currently Very small, with just a few friends on it so far. But are looking for more players and Game Masters alike!

Anyway, This is played on discord using some VTT for games if the GM wishes it, though the RP is done via text typically still in server. So without more rambling from me… here is a bit about the world setting if it interests you at all!

The world of Mystria is a vast world full of endless possibilities and creative ideas. This world is separated into two parts: Caelum, a floating island among the clouds, and The World Below, A land full of danger with endless floods of monsters and conflicts between mighty city states. Caelum is home to a thousand-year-old school dedicated to creating adventurers to protect The World Below. Free of political ties to any city state, they are able to train neutral warriors fit to protect life. Will you join us in school to become great adventurers and protect The World Below?

(I have been building the world in WorldAnvil as well, if you wish to know more Mystria Homepage | World Anvil)

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