Loading Times / Performance 2024

I’ve been looking forward to using Demiplane for my Pathfinder games for a long time. I haven’t switched yet, primarily because of the very slow loading times.

If I have understood correctly, then the major performance updates are already done, right? However, my loading times in Demiplane (Pathfinder Nexus) are incredibly long, so slow that I still don’t want to use the tool. My internet connection is very good, so that can’t be the problem, and I have this problem on all my devices.

Hence the question: Are there any further performance updates planned or will it stay like this or something similar?

It’s true that when we released the full version of the character tools in December, that included a significant performance update on all new characters made in the full version of the character tools.

We do have more updates in the works to continue tweaking things and improving performance, and I expect we’ll continue to make improvements beyond what’s currently planned. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to piggyback on this to say that if you are trying to access previous characters from the Pathfinder beta, you won’t see any of the first part of the performance improvements.

You should see improvements if you make a new character, but as Josh mentioned, we have two additional performance improvement updates in (deep) progress that will get things to where we really want them to be.


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There was a huge difference in load times and screen changes when my party went from Beta characters to full version. Like night and day difference. The only bad thing, you have to recreate your PC in the full version. I told everyone in our group to do it ahead of time.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile: I tested it out again and it seems it’s just the loading time to open the character sheet. If the sheet is fully loaded, everything is fine with the newly created characters :slight_smile:
Really thank you for your answers. I have unlocked my subscription, can’t wait to show my players :slight_smile:

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