Local community group posting - Role Playing Guild of Kansas City

I am part of the Role Playing Guild of Kansas City, we have regular game days with some of our games online. We regularly use warhorn as a way for people to sign up for games, campaigns, and etc… I am wondering if this would be a good place for us to post the monthly game day and other items.



Hi Wade!

If I understand your question properly, you are certainly welcome to use Demiplane to create an adventure where you can coordinate with other members of your guild, or even create multiple adventures for your guild based on what games you are going to play. Once your members are in the group, it’s easy to communicate and you’ll have a convenient video platform available for game time.

If that is not what you’re asking, feel free to clarify what you mean and we’ll do our best to provide an answer. :slight_smile:

Sort of, we have a game day on the first of the Saturday of the month.


The idea is a reservation to know which games make, which games will not, and if there are too many people who want to play, the first sign up, they get preference. Most games are hosted at local game stores.

One thing would be able to use it and be able to focus on a select group. I do not think people who live in Maine wants to travel to Missouri to play a Saturday game. I THINK this is not the direct plan that Demiplane designed it for, but I am wondering if parts of it can be repurposed.

That sounds like a fun event @capeandmask! We do not currently have physical location as a search parameter at this time. This is an interesting case and we are certainly open to exploring it in the future if enough people are interested.

In the meantime, you could put the location details in the Adventure Description and hope that people read that before joining. That would be the only way our system could accommodate the physical location need at the moment.

Please let me know if you need anything else and I’m happy to help!

Perfectly fine. :slight_smile: No magic solution by just asking, but it is useful and I think we may be looking into it in the future. Thank you for the update and hopefully, things go smoothly and we might post some of our online games here for those interested.