Look and feel - first impressions

I’m new to Pathfinder, but excited to learn. I’m hoping my newness can give a valuable perspective.

On with the show.

Less Clutter
During background ability boost; it wasn’t at first obvious what the modifier scores were before selecting Boost.
E.g as a Dwarf Bartender, I saw Con +1, Chr -1. It took a hot minute to realize the +1 and -1 were the current modifiers from other places.

You already get instant feedback by the ability scores at the top of the page when something is boosted or removed. Perhaps don’t bother to list score and modifier on “Select Ability”?

Inconsistent Terms
Sometime it’s “Select”/“Remove”. Other times it “Train Skill”/[-]. I believe there’s other places as well.

Would it be better to have “Add”/“Remove” everywhere?

Did It Save?
When pressing [Save Changes], there’s no discernible indication that I noticed at first to indicate it was successful. At first - then I realized there was a “Character Updated” notice at the top of the page.

Since the end-user’s attention is focused on the button just pressed; perhaps chang the [Save Changes] button to have a check-mark? Not sure. It’s subjective. As I’m sure everything in this post is :slight_smile: .

Keep Search Bar Visible
When viewing the character, please place the search bar outside of the scrollable area. This way the search bar is always seen even if you scroll to the bottom.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: