Looking for Monsters for a Social-Heavy Campaign

Sorry if this isn’t the right place.

Anyway, I’m looking for monsters capable of pretending to be a humanoid, beast or object effectively for a game set in a city where basically everything is a shapeshifter or otherwise a monster capable of manipulation and/or disguise. Monsters that could typically be found in a city (like gremlins) also work. Preferably low-level, but I’ll take stuff of any level.

I’ve tried searching Archives of Nethys, but I’m sure I missed a bunch of good ones.

Deep Gnomes (There are also stat blocks for warriors,) can cast Illusory Disguise

Pukwudgie might be higher level than you’re looking for, but they can cast Change Shape (Could use the weak stat block.)

(If you filter for fey you’re likely to find some other options that can disguise themselves, but these ones come to mind.)


I would try lookin at some of the monsters in Agents of Edgewatch since that take place in a city

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Thanks for both. I’ll try Fey, let’s see if there’s anything interesting.

I’ll check that out.

EDIT: I found some great stuff in it. Let’s just say that a god of water with watery simulacra as its servants may be coming around in my setting…