Looking for players for future streams!


I run a small twitch channel, only been up for about a month. Anyway we are looking to build a base of players for various one-shots and a future campaign on stream. Experience does not matter, what does matter is a willingness to work with other players to create a fun enviroment and to partake of said fun. The only thinf that is required is that you are at the least a follower and willing to get involved on discord which is what I use to run the games.
If this sounds like something you may be interested in, drop by the channel and check it out and if it is your cup of tea as they say… drop a follow, jump on our discord and lets do some gaming.
Our first oneshot which is at the end of February has been filled, but there are plenty more on the way!

Peace and happy gaming!


depending on the time you play, I could be very interested! though I still need to check out the channel and see if it fits. I love what I am reading here!

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Take a look and if it is something you dig, drop a follow and jump on our discord and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Hi, this sounds pretty cool. I haven’t played Pathfinder before, but play D&D so I have some familiarity.

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Depending on the time zone I would be interested. I’m in GMT-2:30.


Are you still looking for player?