Looking to either run or play Daggerheart open beta

Hey all! Made this account to be able to look for a group to play Daggerheart. No idea how make a group but I’ll figure it out. Reply with if you want to run or play. Cheers!

Hey! I’d be happy to play

Hey @oswaldthatendswald77 ,

I am in the same boat, recently saw that Daggerheart had launched and I’ve already got a binder dedicated to all the materials posted. I’m not much of a DM, but happy to join as a player.

Hope to collaborate with you soon!

(I have several characters made up already so I’ve got the itch!)

Edit: I am an EST time zone.



I would definitely be interested in joining a group as a player! I’ve been reading through the materials and playing around with characters and it seems like a real fun and interesting game! I have plenty of D&D 5e experience so I am excited to explore the new system.

Please let me know if you are still looking to add players to your group!

I have a group set looking to try and run a game.

Hey you probably found everyone you need but I am available and would like to play

I’d be down to play if there is still space , already have a character created