Looking to GM either Daggerhear or Candela Obscura

Greetings all. I am looking for 4-5 people to play out one of the these games. I have been GMing for 5E & 2E PF for a while now and have interest in this. We will be using play by discord text and using the groups feature for notes etc.

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Hello, I have been wanting to try Daggerheart and I have a few character ideas in mind.

I’m interested in Daggerheart, but I haven’t played it yet and also, I haven’t played DnD before but am looking to start.

Interested in both. What timeframe would you play?

I am also interested, though Daggerheart rules are a bit confusing to me, and have a character created already. I work weird hours though, so I’m interested in what the timeframe would be as well.

Hi there, UK based player looking for games/groups. No TTRPG experience other than binge watching Critical Role so I’m interested in Daggerheart primarily, but looking to play either way so if you’re welcome to brand-spanking new players and depending on the time frame and such, hit me up.

Are you still looking for players?