Looking to GM PF2e Oneshots

Hello All

I am looking to GM PF2e Oneshots, and possibly move into an Adventure path.

I have Fantasy Grounds Classic/Unity ultimate packages and associated content ready to go.

Looking for a first set of players.

Availability is Weeknights 6pm to midnight, and Weekends midday - midnight, Eastern standard time.

Please join my demiplane group or post here to talk further: Demiplane

I would, but the thing currently holding me back is that I don’t currently own a PC/laptop, so I am unable to run VTT software like FG. I participate in a zoom game on thursdays primarily using my fire tablet and using my phone for the pathbuilder2e app, for example. I also have the ability to connect to discord voice via xbox or phone. That pretty much sums it up for now.
Looking into at least getting a chromebook or other type of budget thing this year but currently just have consoles and mobile device access primarily. I would be interested in some one shots or episodic things at that point though, to try things out here. Pretty new to this site. I have owned the pocket guide core book and advanced players guide for P2e for about a year or so but didn’t have a chance to try it until recently, via the zoom based game I mentioned, every other Thursday.

If you have access to discord and can see a screenshare, I can setup a login and share to the VTT needed.

Yup, I use discord via the phone app usually, mostly for text and message posts etc, but I imagine it can do screen sharing, just limited by small phone screen I guess. Haven’t really tried before. My ID there is Grey_Dybbuk # 8648 .

Hello All, thanks to everyone who came to view the thread, and everyone who had initial interest in joining. I have closed out recruiting on the group as we have a good number of people / time frame agreed on now!

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