Looking to Join Play By Post style Avatar: Legends game

Hello my friends! My name is Seth and I’m a highly experienced player and GM in my late 30’s looking for a Play By Post group to join up with. With the recent release of the Target exclusive ‘starter set’ for Avatar Legends, I dove into the game and then immediately purchased all the digital content available. This brought me to run a game for a group of 3 and that went so amazingly well that I’d love to join a game as a player so that I can learn both sides of things.

I’m not here to DM, but I have extensive experience in running and playing in long term TTRPG’s such as D&D5E and others (Does Gloom/Frosthaven count… ?). I am considerably adaptive and play well with others and prefer the additional depth that the writing format of Play By Post allows.

If there’s any questions or interest, you can leave your comments in this Topic and we’ll go from there.