Looking to play: Daggerheart!

Hey there! I am a forever GM of over a decade now and I am looking to play Daggerheart. I already run a game but I’ve been having an itch to play a game myself. I am familiar with the rules and such by nature of GMing a playtest campaign so no worries there!

As to what I am looking for: I prefer RP focused games and would love to play with others that like that sort of playstyle. I am US-CST with availability most evenings besides Sundays/Tuesdays. I have my own character ideas/concepts ready to go but am happy to fill in a role for a pre-existing party if need be!

I tend to prefer Discord for communication and for play-platform I have used a wide variety over the years. I am happy to use whatever format, though I have the most experience with the following: Foundry, Fantasy Grounds (Unity), Roll20, and Talespire.

Please let me know if you have a seat I could potentially fill! I am eager to hear from you <3