Looking to play the new Daggerheart

I am in the Eastern time zone, but happy to work around others times if needed. I am excited about the new game, but I don’t have anyone to play with unfortunately.

Edit: I have experience both playing and running TTRPGs. I am hoping to be able to play rather than run a game in this system, but if there are others looking to play and uncertain about running a game, let me know here and maybe I’ll read up on how to run a game in this system.

I created a demiplane group to try to get this started as well.

also eastern time zone and willing to work around with other times! Excited about Daggerheart and looking to be player and find a group to play the game with. New to TTRPG’s and also in the same boat of having no one to play with.

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I’m not in the eastern time zone - Mountain. However, I am also interested in Daggerheart. Definitely willing to play.

is this group full or already started? im in Central time zone.

Central time also

I’m EST time zone and looking to play this. I’ve played D&D in the past and have been looking for a group to play TTRPGs for awhile now. I have Discord for Voice and I also use D&D Beyond but not sure if this has an app to use for character sheets.

I was in the group. Did I get kicked?

Westcoast toast.
New to actual gameplay online of this sort. Epic lurker of ttrpg material.
Critter geek. Not sure where to start online ttrpg. DaggerHeart seems rad.

Would also love to throw in to give the game a whirl.

I’m on the eastern time zone as well. I’ve always wanted to play a table top game .if we could get a game going lets get it

"Hello! I would like to give Daggerheart a try. Been a pathfinder player for a long time and am lookings for something new.