Loresheet Questions

Many Loresheets give “free” dots elsewhere on the Character Sheet: One Example off the top of my head is the Malkavian “twins” from Bloodlines. Their Loresheet, if you take the 5-dot advantage, gives you an Aslyum club as 3 or 4 dots in Haven, Herd, and/or Resources (or Chasse IIRC). There are no Character Sheet Builders that currently account for this anywhere. How do other folks handle these “free” dots?
On Shreknet, you have to give extra XP in order to add them… but Shreknet has other flaws, so I don’t really use it.
On Roll20, you just drop it on. Roll20 doesn’t track anything during Character Generation. (But Roll20 has other issues, and I only use it out of necessity sometimes.)
The various Mobile apps each have different ways to do it.
Here of Demiplane, you can override the XP expenditure, OR override the Dot Value of things, OR remove restrictions in the Builder (for somethings). I currently select the things I want with no dots, then override the dot value.
How do others handle it?

(and will Demiplane be addressing these similar to the way they handle Predator at some point? PLEASE?)

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We override the dots (which leaves that handy little blue dot next to that trait to show it’s been modified) and then leave a note describing the reason why. That’s worked pretty well for my table.

Still, it’d be great to see the character sheets handle this so we don’t need to create our own temporary solutions. I’ve mentioned it before, but the same can be said for Thin-Blood powers granted from resonance. When we change resonance, we should be prompted to add temporary powers based on temperament and humour. Otherwise, we’re left concocting our own solutions to account for what powers we presently have available to us on our character sheets.

Ahaha, I realize it must seem like I’m piggybacking off your post to bring up my own gripe. I do consider these to be similar issues. But yes, I completely agree that we need this loresheet support.

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I haven’t explored Thin Bloods enough to realize it, but yeah, I can see that being a hassle too. From a programmatic PoV, dots that can change “on-the-fly” would be harder to accommodate. Which is probably why no one is doing them yet. Most of Loresheet freebies are (like the dots I mentioned for the Voermans) are malleable and can shift to where you need them “at the time” rather than being fixed at char gen.
Also, I don’t mind teh piggyback! More ideas for the dev(s) to improve a great product!

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