Lost Omens book Cost?

I noticed when I bought all of the “core” books that they were at a significantly lower price than the cover price as did several of my friends. We were all going to buy the Lost Omens books as well, but stopped in our tracks as we saw that they are at actual cover price? I understand needing to make money, but why have them at full cover price?

It is because all the Lost Omens books cost more and the pdfs are closer to the physical book prices.

Oh I understand why they are charging what they are, I just think it is a shitty move to charge full hardcover price and I really do not care if I get the pdf for free when I buy it on nexus as nexus is a digital platform already and since I would own it here, I would not need the pdf.

Just sucks and feels like nothing more than a cash grab, just charge the pdf price… at that price I would have bought all of the lost omen books, but at the current price, no thanks! Which in turn angers me, because I bought all of the main rulebooks on nexus and unfortunately will never use Nexus.

All of the Lost Omen Nexus books are $10 more than what the PDFs cost on Paizo. I figure Demiplane takes a $10 cut on the books sold and Paizo gets the remainder. If you want to complain about the high cost then complain to Paizo for charging so much for the Lost Omen PDFs.

Also, if you’re not not going to use Nexus, even after buying all the core books, just because the Lost Omen books are expensive, then why in the world didn’t you wait to see the cost of the Lost Omen books before spending money on the core books? Seems like common sense to me.

Oh well I love what Adam did with Beyond and I trust him and this team so the heck with it! I am going to get the Lost Omens books. Disregard this post!

Refresh your Paizo connection, I had to. The discounts are there, the books are all 19.99.

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I’m having a brainfart here. Where / how do i refresh the connection? paizo’s website or somewhere in Demiplane?

Disregard. I had to go to launch nexus and or preorder. Then account settings was available under there by clicking on my avatar. Refreshing the paizo link there worked.