Lost Omens: Highhelm – Support Megathread

The latest entry into the “Lost Omens” settings book series is available now on NEXUS! Delve into dwarven cultures and histories in Golarion, and explore a variety of exciting new options for dwarves and characters of any ancestry.

Post any issues you discover as you explore Highhelm in this thread. Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access and the Character Tools Beta!

Known Issues

  • The Clan Lore heritage feat is not yet fully supported. You can select your two skills, but cannot currently choose a clan or receive your specialized lore proficiency. This will be supported as development of our toolset beta continues.
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I’m unable to select Forge-Blessed Dwarf Heritage in the character creator.


  1. Open Character Create and make a level 1 Dwarf.
  2. Open Dwarf Heritage and click the Forge-Blessed Dwarf select button.
  3. Observe the select button.

The select button is been triggered and Heritage section is been refreshed.

Browser: Chrome 114 (Latest stable)
OS: Win 10 Pro

Would you try again? I believe this has been resolved now. :slight_smile:

Sadly doesn’t appear to be the case

Have you tried any other troubleshooting steps so far like logging out and logging back in, or performing a hard refresh?

I have been able to reproduce this issue on my Work PC, Chromebook and Mobile.
I also created another Dwarf for good measure.

Update: I was able to select the Forged Blessed Dwarf, so issue appears resolved.

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Thanks for the update! It looks like there was a hiccup with that heritage being released last night, but we’ve identified it and fixed it, and should be able to prevent that issue from happening again. :slight_smile:

There is a formatting error for the Stalwart Defender the dedication appears in the middle of tunnel wall.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Forge-Blessed Dwarf heritage is missing from the Dwarf ancestries listing.

This has been updated. Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

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Affinity Stones item is missing the status spell tooltip (in the sourcebook and in the items listing)

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve passed it along to the team. :slight_smile:

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The Nexus entry for Angradd doesn’t reflect the new options included with Highhelm. See AoN.

Hello everwinter! Good catch. We’ll get that updated.

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Angradd and Folgrit, who has a similar difference (though for skill instead) have now been updated, and you should see two versions, to allow you to choose which one to use. Thanks again for that catch!


Hi, Mellie - thanks for the quick response! I see both entries for Folgrit, but still only one for Angradd.

Well that’s stubborn of him! I’ve made him appear in the listing now.

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