Made a mistake redeeming Pathfinder 2e Player Core Remaster

Hello, I am a bit frustrated in myself for not reading carefully when purchasing the original Pathfinder 2e version of the Players Book on Demiplane. I already owned the book via Paizo, so it was discounted for me. On the details screen I saw that it said I could get both versions of the players book by buying the original on Demiplane and adding the Remaster to my cart to get it for free. In my haste I misread it as I needed to buy the original first, and then the Remaster would be free when added to my cart… when in actuality I needed to add both versions to the cart at the same time for the discount. I saw something about needing to get a promo code in an email, but then found out that was for folks who owned it before the release of the remasters.

My question is: is there any way I can still redeem the Remaster without having to fork over another $35? Am I able to get a promo code? Or could I reverse my purchase to try to do it the right way? Or are there any other options left for me? I made the purchase 20 minutes before time of posting.

Thank you for any responses.

Hi there bryonautry, and welcome to Demiplane! We’d be happy to get that sorted for you! Reach out to our support team at and we’ll get your remaster program benefit figured out.