Magic users in the Marvel RPG

Got the RPG yesterday, very excited to GM it for my kid and her friends!

She immediately flipped through and was sad to see no Scarlet Witch (her favorite MCU character). Will magic end up being a thing in this game? I see the character is referred to at least once in the rulebook.


If you look at page 50 with the origins magic is listed, so I expect it to be featured more prominently in the core book. They also state that the power sets in the play test book are only baed on the hero’s listed in this book so it’s also probable magic may have it’s on power set.

Magic does exist. You pick your powers like any other Hero but it is Magic that creates them. So you will have to create your “own” version of Wanda in this game. My guess is going to be that your friend will want her to be like the Scarlet Witch who is Cosmic Power level so rank 25. Which will put the game on easy mode because you will have to create foes who will challenge her.

I mentioned it on other posts. But they should not have released this game with so many “gaps”. And thats in their own words under expectations. Because everyone is going to make up house rules and filling in all those gaps in order to play. The final version is supposedly a year away yet after they get all the feedback.

As mentioned in other threads. Seasoned Gamers wondered why Marvel was making a RPG game system now? They have made several since the 1980s and stopped financially backing each one.

Yep, D&D is hotter than ever. MCU is making Marvel a hot product. But this latest game doesnt offer much. You can still find the old Marvel TSR if your thrifty or if you have a lot of money for those Amazon books. Same goes for the Marvel Heroic RPG of 2012. Marvel Plotpoints is a website dedicated for fan created profiles for Marvel Heroic.

Now, if youre going to make conversion files or create your own files. I would create a website and get paid for people visiting it to borrow your hard work. Right now people are starving for content and there is none.

The other question for me is. Why would one take all that time to fill in all thats missing from this game just use D&D like / TSR combo rules? I am sure there are websites out there that have converted Marvel and DC heroes to Mutants and Masterminds or the RPG Champions.

You can play the Scarlet Witch now with the unpolished Playtest Rules. It might be fun. Or you can wait another year yet if this system is going to be your go to system.