Magus class missing?

Is it just me or is the Magus class missing from the character tool’s options?
I started playing Pathfinder 1e a few months ago and convinced my group to move to 2e while also making good use of this platform. I love everything about it but my dear main seems to be missing even though it appears in the digital ruleset. Can you help me?

I believe classes outside of the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide are still not ready (the character tools are still in Alpha)

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That is correct. We will be expanding the available options as we get closer to open beta, but for now our focus is on the core rulebook. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Reworded for clarity (and to fix a typo)


Thank you! I should have guessed you would introduce it later; I’m still new to PF2E and only recently discovered Magus is part of its own “Secrets of Magic” Sourcebook!

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