Magus Spellbook

In building a Magus last night, I came across a few issues, mostly spellbook related.

First, once Studious Spells is activated, the book appears to insert copies of the allocated spells in between every other spell 4th level and higher. As a result, the list of prepared spells becomes large, with a copy of each of the available studious spells interspersed between every spell added to the book otherwise. I think they should be put into the book, but only once (and maybe starred or something to indicate what they are).

Second, Signature Spell doesn’t open up the existing book, and instead brings up the Manage Spellbook icon, which times out and fails to find any spells.

Beyond 10th level managing the character is almost impossible. I got to 15th, but every time I touched the spellbook, or switched between the builder and character sheet, it took several minutes. If I had to guess, the additional copies of Studious Spells are what bog down the spellbook.

Oddly, selecting feats is rather quick, though somewhere in the mid-levels every available feat was selectable regardless of whether the character met the requirements (except locked ones).

Oh, regarding spellbooks in general it would be helpful if there was a button to manage the spellbook directly from the spells tab, allowing access to all of your known spells, without going through one of the “prepare spell” slots. Once those slots are filled, the only way I can find to get into the spellbook is to delete a prepared spell, go into the prepare spell menu, and then manage spellbook.

Thanks all, I’ll keep reporting issues as I find them…

Thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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Btw, any new character I build now allows me to select any feat regardless of prerequisites. The icon shows that I cant, but “select” is still an option.

That is behaving as expected. We don’t want to keep players from selecting a feat that their GM might allow them to, even if they’re technically not supposed to be able to take it RAW.

More to come on that front once things are in a more finished state. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Thanks.