Major glitch with the dice rolling program!

When you use the reroll button after an attack because of edge/trouble there is a glitch that makes the dice you re rolled turn back to the original number. I rolled a 2 , 4, 5 i had edge so i clicked reroll, selected the 2 , and clicked roll… for a split second i saw a 6 then it flipped back to the 2 . It does not do this all the time but it did happen several times when I continued to test it!!

Do you click the die you want to reroll each time? If you’ve rerolled recently, the die you selected to reroll may still be selected with the blue highlight, and by clicking it again you might be deselecting it (effectively rerolling none of your dice).

Just want to confirm what’s happening, since I can’t replicate this.

yes I make sure only the Die I wish to reroll is highlighted in blue and no othere. I was playing today and it happened twice more. I can not seem to find any similarities in when it does it. and a third time it did the glitch " split second of a different number" and then rolled a different number anyway. # was a 3, clicked reroll, a 4 flashed then a 2 was the end roll. as a side note, this is happening on different laptop and desktop. Thanks

We’re looking into this to see what’s happening here. :slight_smile: