Managing Powers Bug, Farmer Predator Type “Bug”, Specialty Suggestion, Dice Roller Request

First off, thank you for the character creation tools. They look incredible and they work great! My group is getting ready to resume our play-by-post chronicle so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

That said, since we’re in the process of migrating our character sheets over to Demiplane, I was able to notice some things I didn’t notice the first time.

The most significant is a bug that appears when you navigate to manage your character’s powers. By clicking on the discipline and selecting manage powers, you get a list of available powers. (You can organize this powers by name, but i think by level is more useful. That should at least be an option, but that’s just my preference). Anyway, at the top of the managing powers sidebar are toggles to filter by level or to include sabbat-exclusive powers.

The bug I’m referring to appears when you use these toggles. By switching a toggle on or off, the list will populate with new entries, but won’t remove old entries. You can see what I mean here.

You can see that entries repeat themselves, which was achieved by switching a toggle off and then on again.

Also, you really should be able to organize them by level :rofl: I just… I know it’s not a bug, but that’s what makes the most sense when gaining new powers, doesn’t it?

As for my suggestion regarding specialties…
This is a minor suggestion, but I think it’d be a nice little addition if you could click on the S for a skill specialty to add an additional die to your dice pool (maybe it could even label that additional die in the same way attributes, disciplines and skills are labeled in the dice pool?)

Speaking of specialties, here’s another strange… bug?
A vampire gains an Animal Ken specialty with a specific animal as the free specialty option granted by this predator type. A specific animal.

The specialty provided by Demiplane literally reads “Specific Animal” with no option to … specify the animal. So right now, my Farmer has an Animal Ken specialty with “Specific Animal”, and in my notes I had to specify that this is an affinity for dogs. Ordinarily, when buying a specialty, you can fill in the specialty yourself. In this case, you can’t even edit it, in the character sheet or in the character builder… but I hesitate to call this a bug as it’s clearly more of an oversight.

As for my request for the dice roller…
Is it possible that the “custom” label for additional dice added to a dice pool could be changed to a text field? This way, players and storytellers could make a note for the source of additional dice. For example, I might edit “custom” to read “blood surge + specialty” or something like that.

Anyway, that’s my feedback for now! I know it’s early days still and everything you’ve done so far is incredible. I’m floored with just how much interactivity is already included in this sheet. Hopefully this feedback helps!

Thanks for this feedback! We’ll dig into everything you’ve shared here and while I can’t make any promises about your suggestions, your bug reports are very helpful and I expect we’ll want to implement fixes for those soon. :slight_smile:

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We’ve got a fix in for the specialty that grants Animal Ken that should have this working as you expected it to now. :slight_smile:

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Yes! It works! You guys are the best! XD
There’s something amazing about being here for the changes and fixes your team makes :smiley: I really feel like you’ve invited us to be part of the process!


The feedback from folks like you who love these games and are excited about them is what makes what we do possible, so THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

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