Marvel Game/ character builder

Let me start by saying I wish you fine folks nothing but success. I am a bit confused which is nothing new. I have purchased the Marvel game from you (along with a paper copy and a roll20 version). I have the group I want to play with. What I was hoping I could do with your product is to build and manage character like I do in D&D Beyond…

Can my friends and I use this platform to build and share our characters?


Nope they just have the Rule Book which you cant even share with your Players…
We would give demiplane a try and Support it… But without Tools and only a Messy PDF Reader… No way we will use it

Hello and thanks for posting.

I’ve covered the character builder / sheet question in another thread, so I’ll add that here to answer you:

I’m not sure it is accurate to say “without tools,” as we have heard from many others that the Digital Reader and Game Compendium are tools that see a good bit of use around their table.

And I’m not sure what you mean by “Messy PDF Reader” there, but if you would like to share more details about that, we value all feedback and will certainly take it into consideration as we continue to improve the toolset over time.

Thanks again to you both!

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Nah you Advertised MMRPG as “with FULL digital content” Full digital content means even the Official available Digital Charakter Sheet.
Lucky me I live in the Eu and you refunded me!

Even a editable character sheet pdf would be a great help. As it is, I bought the play test (which I hope will be deducted from the price of the final product) thinking it would include a character builder.

As it is, its too much work to even play test, let alone host as play test gaming.

Thanks for the update. I will set an alarm for 6 months from now and come back and see how you guys are doing.

I say this with kindness in my heart. I assume you have a great business plan but at this moment you do not have a compelling product. If you honestly compare what you are providing against roll20 I think you might understand some of the frustration.

I wrote software for years and I know this is not an easy thing to do. I think you launched to soon and I hope you don’t permanently damage your relationship with your customers.

This is all growing pains. Best of luck with all your future endeavors.


We launched with the Digital Reader and Game Compendium because we’ve received feedback that those features are useful to some of the playtesters out there in their current state. I’ve been using this stuff for a couple of months at my own table, and it’s already hard to live without. So, we wanted to go ahead and share it with everyone else.

If it currently doesn’t work for you, then that’s understandable - thanks for the well-wishes and I hope you check back in as the game gets closer to its full launch.


Trying to put together a basic character creator for myself. Very rough early draft - Marvel Multiverse TTPG Character Creator by MACHAIRA

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Updated the app with some tweaks. Next build should be able to load and save and hopefully have most bugs worked out. I’m going to try to add a print function as well to look close to the blank form. :slight_smile:

edit: looks like there’s a bug with loading powersets and powers. Should have it fixed shortly hopefully. :frowning:

edit2: wrong tab was displayed by default. Pre-reqs are not being evaluated properly tho. Some many bugs, so little time. :frowning:

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You… You are a real hero.

The character building is already listed out in the book, so why can’t there just be a fillable pdf for the character sheets?

Marvel has provided PDFs on their website, which you can find here: :slight_smile:

You can, but people are looking for something online, as bryankia stated in the first post. Going through the sections of the playtest doc online is cumbersome.

I’m almost there with the saving functionality :slight_smile:

#MarvelMultiverseRPG Character generator almost there - save functionality 95%:

— Jim Perry (@MachXGames) May 2, 2022