Marvel Character sheet

I have bought the Marvel tools. Where is the characters sheet?

And when will be possible share with the players?

No Tools, No Sheet, No Content Sharing…
So no fast and easy Gameplay with FULL digital content as Advertised

Hello and thanks for the question.

The Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus has launched with the two core features we mention on the site - the Digital Reader and the Game Compendium.

We do intend to have a character builder and digital sheet for the Marvel RPG eventually, but we have discussed with Marvel, and we want to see how the early playtest goes to gauge how much core mechanics might change before we dive too deeply into creating a tool to create characters.

We a) don’t want to have wasted development effort that gets scrapped quickly over any rules in flux, and b) want to be sure that we don’t end up with characters using outdated rules that might cause confusion as we get closer to the full game.

But our team is very eager to bring that kind of functionality to life, so keep an eye on updates and we will share as we have them.

Content sharing is on the Demiplane roadmap at the platform level, and we’ll share more details in short term future.

At this stage, unlocking the Playtest Rulebook for the Marvel Multiverse RPG in the Nexus of Demiplane gives you access to the book in digital format that is searchable, cross-linked, and that has interactive tooltips where information is available quickly on-hand, as well as that content in database style listings for Powers, Traits, Origins, and Professions. Having that digital version of the book in this way is similar to purchasing it in other digital formats like Kindle, Nook, etc.

The full digital content from the Playtest Rulebook is indeed available in the Digital Reader and Game Compendium as advertised. We don’t mention a builder, sheet, or content sharing as part of the feature set for the Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus.

Per another thread, I saw some feedback that the line that was on the homepage earlier today that mentioned “Experience your own Marvel saga with hero profiles for legendary characters—like Black Panther and Captain Marvel—or create your own” was confusing, so we have already updated the page. The references to helping you create a character are from the product description for the Playtest Rulebook itself that is displayed anywhere in the book is sold. Apologies if there was confusion there, and if you find that the Digital Reader and the Game Compendium aren’t helpful for you as you playest, you can reach out to our support team to inquire about a refund if your purchased today before we made that clearer.



I just wanted to print the sheets that I think that exists in the book forma the players… There os not a printable version of that?

Not at this time, no - the hero profiles are ready to go on any type of device, but there is not a print-ready export. We will take a look and see if that’s a possibility in the future.


So basically we should create a spreadsheet in the meantime. That’s really disappointing.

Marvel has some downloads on: Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game | Marvel RPG | Marvel

Perfect, thanks