Marvel Multiverse Digital Tools Bugs and 1 Request

This post refers to experiences taken on an iPhone using Safari as the browser.

Hey, the digital tools are really cool and definitely makes playing the game slot easier to manage. Would definitely recommend. However, I had noticed a few bugs/issues that might be worth checking out, particularly with the Digital Tools (not the source book itself). Even more specifically, in the Power Sets page.

Basic Powers Page:
Trying to load more powers by clicking the next arrow (1 of 3) goes to (2 of 3), but nothing changes, no new powers are shown.

Overall Issue Throughout Power Sets Pages:
Sometimes the list of Powers doesn’t load. However, reloading the page usually fixes the issue.

Other than that, things are looking good! Though if I were to make one suggestion, would it be possible to remove/hide the Playtest material in the digital tools?

I’ll let you know if I run into any more issues, but I’m honestly excited to use this platform for future Marvel campaigns.

We appreciate the feedback! Much of our team is at GenCon this weekend, but I’ll make a note for us to look into this. :slight_smile: