Marvel Multiverse Ideas?

With Multiverse character tools incoming, does anyone have ideas for a good campaign or overall ideas for the system?
This can range from characters, campaigns, or even one shots! I am excited and I am planning to run a few one shots to get a hang of the system, it’d be nice to hear anyone else’s ideas

I was a huge X-Men fan growing up. When I was 13 (in the nineties) I always fantasized about awakening as a mutant :laughing:

Anyway, there’s a lot to love here. I’m also a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy (ever since I learned about Rocket Raccoon when playing a Marvel Fighting Game). I’m gonna run our interstellar setting using Marvel Multiverse; pretty sure it will slap.

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That sounds really fun! An interstellar setting sounds very interesting, I would love to see how something like that goes? I hope it goes well for you and your group! I’m definitely inspired by that idea

If you have Disney+ maybe look at Guardians of the Galaxy for inspirations. It’s a wild romp, really, but I like the weirdness and mix of characters. Marvel Multiverse can all handle that very well, and while there are a lot of solid Science Fiction / Space Opera games out there, Marvel’s system is simple and flexible.

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That sounds like a fun idea for a group movie night to set the mood, I’ll check it out! Thanks Eisen

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