Marvel Multiverse PbP – Hero League Central

Hey there, fellow Heroes and Shady Would-Be-Villains!

This space is a meeting place for adventuring heroes of all sorts that take it upon themselves to strike out on adventure. It’s a base in NYC, complete with bar, restaurant, training rooms, workshops and everything else that’s needed for proper world-saving.

I advise on putting a caption in your posts to define WHERE you are located at. Make it a friendly place to show off your characters without excessive violence (hopefully), keep it friendly and nice.

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Gearhead Laboratory

“Holy crap, man.” Eisenfuchs put down a chunky piece of high-tech equipment that seemed almost alien in its design. “How am I supposed to fix this junk, if I can’t even get the tools we need? I thought we were supposed to get Vibranium tools. Wasn’t that the plan?”

“You know how to work with Vibranium?” asked Honigpfote, the partner of the inventor Michtim.

“Well, I’ve had a look at Vibranium in the past, but not much experience yet. That’s true.” said the raccoon-looking Michtim.

“I hope you’ll get what you need. I got my flask setup for my chemistry experiments at least.”

Michtims are mythic creatures, living at the edge of the realm of the fey. Lately, some Michtims have decided to directly get involved in human society, because they think influencing humans would be easier that way. For centuries, Michtims have used sabotage and hit and run attacks to spoil human coporate expansion into their woods; but time is getting rougher.

Eisenfuchs looked at his smartphone. “Oh damn, they think I’m Rocket Raccoon again. How do I tell them?”

Honigpfote chuckled “You don’t. Just let them think they figured you out.”