Marvel Multiverse Questions

Just bought the Hardcover of the core rulebook. In the back it told me about this place and said there was a bunch of resources here. Where? I literally can’t find anything.

Additionally, it keeps asking me to buy the book that I already paid 75 CAD for, Is there no way to add my purchased copy of the book here? I’m not buying it twice.

Finally, is there really no sample adventure anywhere for this game? I can’t find anything even approximately like that.

This is the page: Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus - Digital TTRPG Toolset (, specifically, these dropdowns:

You’d need to re-purchase the digital content. You’re paying for the indexing, searching, (upcoming) character creator. Stuff you don’t get from the hardcover, but you do need to buy it again.

There’s an adventure coming out in the fall on demiplane that’s about 10$, and there’s the kang adventure coming out in november.

Bit silly I have to repurchase. seems like a lot of barriers. What about digital character sheets/tooling is that access able without the purchase? I can’t find that

Character tools are coming soon with an open beta test, and will let you use any content you own to build and manage characters. The digital reader and rules compendium are the tools that are available now, in early access, before character tools become available. :slight_smile: