Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus FAQs

Hello and welcome to our list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus!

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Here you’ll find answers to your questions about the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus and how to get started. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to here, feel free to ask them in this thread! Thank you for joining us - we’re excited to be your official digital companion!

What is the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus?

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus is an official digital toolset for Marvel’s Multiverse Role-Playing Game. There you can find the digital Playtest Rulebook in our Digital Reader, as well as a companion digital toolset that includes a Game Compendium, and Character Profiles for all the Marvel Heroes included in the Playtest Rulebook!

Is the Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus affiliated with Marvel?

Yes! We have partnered with Marvel to provide digital tools for playing their Multiverse Role-Playing Game in the Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus!

What is Demiplane?

Demiplane is the place for digital tools, content, and services to discover, prep, and play all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. Demiplane empowers roleplaying fans to make every game better by providing high-quality digital tools that support in-person and virtual play. On Demiplane, RPG enthusiasts access tools to discover new games, new players, form groups and enhance the ways games can be played, shared, and explored.

What is a role-playing game?

A role-playing game is an interactive adventure played with a Game Master who directs the gameplay, and several players. Each player assumes the role of a character within the fictional setting described by the sourcebook and the Game Master. The Game Master describes the setting and the scenario and the players describe the actions that their characters take in response. Through this process, players navigate a multi-faceted, dynamic adventure setting that may include combat, social encounters, puzzles, and more!

What is playtesting?

Books in the “playtesting” phase are using content that could still be updated based on player input helping to shape the future of the game. In the case of the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, Marvel has developed a version of the game that is ready for playtesting, and feedback about the book and game mechanics will be incorporated into the final version of the game.

When will the Multiverse Role-Playing Game be released?

Marvel’s Multiverse Role-Playing Game will be available for playtesting starting on April 20, 2022. Release dates of any final versions have not been announced yet.

When will the official version be released?

Marvel will be the source of information regarding any future-looking release dates for the game.

What is a digital toolset?

A digital toolset is a term we use to describe the comprehensive set of features that you’ll have access to through Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus! Our digital toolset includes all official Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game content in a Digital Reader and a fully-searchable Game Compendium, all of which is integrated with our Group Video Portals on Demiplane!

What is a digital sourcebook?

A digital sourcebook is a digital version of Marvel’s Multiverse Role-Playing Game that is also fully searchable online and comes with a digital toolkit! You can find the book and the game compendium at

Can I access the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus on mobile or tablet?

Yes! The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus will be available to use on desktop, tablet, and mobile browser screens.

How do I access the digital sourcebooks I've purchased?

You can access digital sourcebooks directly through the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus.

Does the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus accept international payments?

Yes, we do!

Help! I purchased a digital book, but I can't access it. What do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that’s happening! Please reach out to us on and we will get that resolved for you as quickly as we can.

If I delete my the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus account, will I still have access to my digital sourcebooks?

Unfortunately if you delete your account you will no longer have access to any of the sources that were purchased with your account.

Can I get a refund?

Digital items are not returnable or refundable. See our Terms of Sale for the full details on making purchases on Demiplane: Demiplane - Terms of Sale

Where can I provide feedback or ask questions?

The best place to provide feedback or ask questions is here in our Forums! You can also contact our Support team at or hang out with us in our Discord: demiplane

Do I have to pay to use Demiplane?

Demiplane offers a variety of features that enhance your gameplay that are free to use. Matchmaking, video and voice, shared journaling, and other gamespace features remain free to use. Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game content is integrated after being unlocked by purchasing it in our marketplace.

How / Where do I create the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus account? Is it separate from my Demiplane account?

On Demiplane, you have one account to rule them all! Create a free account to access both the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus and Demiplane here:

How can I keep up to date on the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus news and releases?

Excellent question! You can keep up to date on the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus by following Demiplane here on our forums, on social media, or by jumping directly into our Discord community: demiplane Don’t worry - we won’t be shy about sharing updates as soon as we can!

For more information about the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS, click here: Demiplane

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Megan @ Demiplane

I preordered the book months ago before I even knew that there was a digital version planned.

Will the physical book include an access code to the digital version or is there any other way without a credit card to access the digital version of the game?

Can people with access to the rulebook share their access with other people in a same game?


This is a fantastic question, I did the same, at the first 30 minutes when the playtest appeared on Amazon Brazil for me.

I answered this in another thread, but posting here too:

Thanks for reaching out - the digital version of the Playtest Rulebook is a separate product and purchase. I hope you’ll try it out here…we have loved putting it into this format and have already found it really useful in our own playtesting of the game!

Regarding the access to the content with others in the same game, not initially, but Demiplane will offer content sharing in the near future that would apply here…the intent is indeed for you to be able to share with the players in your group. We’ll share updates on that when we have them, thanks!

Do you get a discount on the full version when you buy a Playtest?


And what about a PDF version? Will I be able to download it in PDF if I buy it on Demiplane?

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We don’t have any details to share regarding this - if Marvel decides to go that route when the full game comes, we would do all we could to work with them on it.

We are not aware of any PDF plans from Marvel. If that changes, we will let everyone know.


Hi - in terms of the app side of things, is it only accessible via the website or will there be an app on Google store, Amazon store, etc?
Or do I just access it via a web browser on my Kindle and Samsung phone?

Looking forward to playing in the Marvel Multiverse.

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Nexus works great in a browser on any device. All screen sizes are supported, so you should be able to use it easily from all of your devices!

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I really should have read this thread before assuming a digital toolset includes a PDF. My table is strict-offline :frowning:

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Is there an off line version of this. I did buy the $10 play test.

Is there an off line version?

Not on Demiplane, no - we are an online platform focused on digital tools support for the game.

Physical copies of the book and e-books are available wherever those books are sold.

I don’t know if it’s just that I’m confused or if I’m missing something. But I can’t find the character sheets anywhere for the marvel RPG. I purchased the playtest rule book and I have access to the content I created a portal. But I don’t see where to create character sheets anywhere. Am I doing something wrong or they just not available yet?

They’re here - Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game | Marvel RPG | Marvel

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As @machaira shared, Marvel is providing all of the peripherals at - bookmark that page to stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

Separately, we will include a link to the PDF character sheets in the Nexus somewhere soon too to make it easier, thanks!

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Thank you! Still getting used to Demiplane and what’s available. Been missing you over at the ‘other’ place. Glad to see you doing so good over here!!

I’m not seeing mention of character builder tools, just links to the character sheets provided on Marvel’s website. Are character building tools planned for the future?

There are no character tools planned for the playtest. We’ll be sharing more about our long term plans as we get closer to the full release of the game. All in due time. :slight_smile: