Marvel Multiverse RPG Core Rulebook - Support Thread

Ka-pow! Are you ready to bring your Marvel Multiverse fantasies to life? The Marvel Multiverse RPG Core Rulebook is here with everything you need to play or run the game–including an expansive collection of heroes and villains for your game.

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If you encounter any issues with this title in the digital compendium or NEXUS, please let us know in this thread.

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Iron Man seems to have some, but not all of the errata changes from September. I noted a few others minor ones, but forgot to write them down.

For Iron Man: Should have no accuracy power and discipline 1. Health and Focus should be 90 rather than 75.

Great catch! That’s been fixed now.

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Captain Marvel:
Environmental Protection looks like it has a tag copy/paste issue with Elemental Protection 1. She’s missing Elemental Protection 1 (10 Points to shatter), and has Environmental Protection 1 (10 points to shatter), which doesn’t exist.

Dr. Doom: Flight Speed should be 25 rather than 15.

Abomination: Jump speed should be 30.

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Right on all counts, and fixed on all counts. Thank you!

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During character creation selecting Thanos will not load correctly and I get just the blank default character

I can confirm the same here, passing it on to the team for a fix!

That should now be fixed, thanks for the report–it helped us catch the same issue on some other characters, as well!

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Glad to help

Sub-Mariner has the same issue

This should be fixed now!

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Thanks for the help

Hi good day.

I bought the book physically. But now i scanned the code in the back of the book and thought i would get full access on this site as well but did not.

Is there some other way to unlock the core book content without having to buy it again?

There is not currently a way for you to gain access to a digital copy of a previously purchased physical book. In order to get the book on the NEXUS and use it in our character tools, you will need to make another purchase, and I would recommend you take advantage of our upcoming Cyber Monday deal if you decide to do that. :slight_smile:

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