Marvel multiverse RPG formatting Issue

In the marvel multiverse RPG web page? On mobile the main text is gray. A light gray; it makes it very difficult to read. I don’t remember it being light gray a few months back, last time I looked at this, but we started our marvel multiverse game up again and reading this gray text is hard. Could you either make the background darker or the text darker? It’s kind of a dumb design decision. Who let that happen?

Nevermind. I guess there was a glitch???

Thanks for posting. I’m glad to hear that the glitch resolved itself, but we’ll still take a look to make sure everything looks correct on our end.

In general, if you see something that isn’t legible, it’s probably either a glitch or a bug, and reporting it lets us know to go take a look and see what might be causing it. :slight_smile: