Marvel RPG - Math Heavy

Ok I am usually a huge fan of all RPGs and I know that there are several math heavy ones out there, but this being a Marvel game and there are many Marvel fans out there many being younger kids. It would have been nice to have a core mechanic that didn’t deal with so many heavy numbers (I know it is just addition and subtraction).

It seems to me if you have to include a statement that you might want to use a calculator in your book then maybe you should look to simplify.

I will say I love the layout of things and I am intrigued by the dice mechanics themselves, but I would have really hoped that to make it more kid friendly there wouldn’t be such a heavy reliance on +/- such large numbers.

Anyone else feel the same? I mean sure if you use a digital tabletop then boom all is good, but sitting at a table this system seems like it might be pretty sluggish.


I agree, it maybe a little heavy for a 1st time RPG player.

It also seems to me that damage could just be a static number like the bonus plus maybe just an average of the 3d6 to take away more of the crunch.

Marvel has posted a form for playtesters to share their thoughts and ideas to improve the game! Feel free to go share your ideas with them once you’ve finished looking things over:

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Actually that was what i tried first, but the questions are geared for having “Played” it and I have not so I did not want to fudge any data that they may be collecting since this is just an observation from afar (although I have a lot of experience owning over 1,000 rpg books, one might say I need a support group :wink: )…

If they would have had options for those who have not played it then I would have went that route, and I do totally understand that they would like you to have played to before criticizing so held off on submitting.

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Dc Heros is a muchbetter game