Marvel RPG Sheets (Ability to add notes or edits to ALL powers)

The Power sets are somewhat limited, but I think making the Power name Editable would help immensely. For example, I created a PC that can lash out with Mandibles to deliver an electric shock, the closest power to that is “Elemental Burst”. It would be Cool if I could just change that to “Electric Mandible” or “Electric Bite” etc… so at a glance anyone can tell what the power is really supposed to do.

For example, when you select Iconic weapon, you can edit to reflect what the weapon actually is. Something like that would be useful for every power entry.

Also, would be cool to be able to export the Character sheet via PDF.

You can add notes currently on pretty much any action, tag, trait, etc. in the character sheet, just by clicking on it and typing into the notes field.

I suspect that renaming things will come with homebrew capabilities once we roll that out, and that’s something that we’re in the very early stages of actually building.

Export to PDF is on the roadmap as well. As we like to say around here: Soon :tm:

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Yes, but they are not visible on the character sheet to other players most of the time. There are exceptions of course, like the signature weapon example I gave. But It does not work the same with the Elemental Burst example I gave.

The whole point is that at a glance anyone can look at it and see what the power actually is/does. It temporarily handles the “homebrew” issue you are talking about since many of the power “changes” are simply reskinning a power that already exists.

It seems like a simple request too, just add a function that already exists to every power.

I will provide some images of what I am talking about below.

Here are two prime examples.

The Weapon “Katana” was a replacement for “Sword” anyone looking at the sheet knows that his iconic weapon is a Katana, not just any regular sword. That was something I was able to edit.

On the other hand even though The Elemental Burst entry has a note that says “Shocking Mandible” it does not appear as part of the power unless it is clicked on.

I am asking to have the same function that the Weapon “power” has to be added to all Powers so they can all be modified the same way for Flavor and Clarity purposes for these PC’s.

Thanks again

I’ll pass this feedback along to the team. :slight_smile:

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