Marvel update

So Marvel just put out a huge update which included a lot of character updates. Will Demiplane be updating our digital versions? And how long does it usually take? I know it will not be instantaneous,but are the updates priority? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Great question!

The errata is live and already supported on Demiplane!

We’re handling the playtest materials differently from those errata updates, but here’s a rundown of how we’re handling that and what you can expect:

  • The new Tony’s Workshop playtest rules are not supported, we currently have no intention to support these rules while in playtest to ensure members don’t lose access to anything should those rules not survive playtesting.

  • The one exception is the Disarm action, which you should can find on your characters as an action, and in the Rules listing for on site reference. Marvel has indicated to us that this will make it into the final version of the game and asked that we support it right away.

  • When/if those playtest rules become official as part of future releases, they will be supported on Demiplane.

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